Monday, 15 October 2012

Dome drive is done.

Dome drive is done. :)  In the 1 stick mode the right stick drives the dome and then R1+R2 triggers and a face button allow dome drive scripts to be run, during which the dome drive via stick is disabled   So I have face forward, left, right and back, spin left, spin right, small shake, big shake, double spin, spin then spin back.  All possible.  Will write something into the Cantina script, maybe a slow spin on the short-circuit too.

I cant stop playing with the dome drive, great fun via stick and buttons, the more stuff moves the more I'm enjoying this building lark. :)

Hope to have a video for you Wednesday.

So next up is to repair the I2C lines I used in the dome, they were lose in the dome and got mangled, so need to test them and repair the dead ones. :)

Then its 2-3-2 time once more, but this time via remote. :)

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