Monday, 2 December 2013

BHD 2.0

Easy Dudes.

I have been a busy boy. :)  The wiring of the control Arduino shields has been redone.  The pad now uses 2 way serial, opening up many more options for the future.  Also the I2C now transmits more than the script number, it also transmits the charge level. So one reading taken on the master is passed to all the end units. :)

I redid all the end units and spent a but of time making it work as reliably as before.  It took a bit of playing, but its great. :)  I have a load more coding to do now to make the most of the extra functionality, but it all works and the wiring is set.

He spent a couple of hours with the Scouts in Harwell on Wednesday, and they all had a go driving, so he was VERY thoroughly tested. There was some serious button bashing going on and he didnt miss a trick. :)

The new Leia and Luke messages are LOADS louder and now work with the R2 sounds really well.

Latest Code and Files

While redoing the code and testing i tried to document the setup.  I have a BHD write up now.  But i want to run it myself for a few more events and also follow it to wire up a 2nd droid to help improve it.  I will be starting that this weekend. :)  Maybe try and take a few step by step shots to help simplify a few bits.

I will post it about when finished and fully tested. :)

So the blog is now back on-line and all the Google Drive files have been tidied up. :)


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  1. Good to see you back mate!
    Looking forward to trying out BHD 2.0, let me know if you need a guinea pig/droid at any point!