Friday, 10 January 2014

Just needed to post something, its been too long

I have been busy, but not on Pic worthy stuff.  But it has been so long since the last update it needed something to prove I'm still here.

I have started on another droid.  :)  Partly to follow the BHD write up and improve it as I go.  This weekend should be the first complete bench run for the new setup. :)  This droid will be a collaborative effort and so will be blogged elsewhere.  But it is a truly exciting project with some really cool engineering challenges.  I will link to the new blog once we get going properly.  This droid will hopefully be a more practical droid, we are aiming for under 40Kg total, and it will be a truly unique droid, hopefully its abilities will be a little bit special.  That should be rolling by the end of Feb, with improvements to follow after that.

So the write up is getting there, the shields are neater and easier to make now, i have been getting feedback from others too, and it is all looking good.

I am also working with Felix on an Anglo/German BHD pad upgrade.  This may be in phases, but should be smaller, lighter and neater at the pad end, and we might have to look at a droid master PCB too.  Its looking good so far.

My current R2 isn't getting too much time at the moment, but i have ordered JoyMonkey's new logics, and also have one of Felix's superb 2-3-2 controller boards, this will make the electronics element of the 2-3-2 much smaller and neater, but its a huge job, so may have to wait a while before I fit it.  I may wait till the other droid is available for use, at least then I will have one in use and one in the pits. :)  I have so many things i want to do to it.  I still need to fit the Master Utility arms. :)

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