Sunday, 22 May 2016

Droid 3

Well, after a lot of soul searching, I've decided to start droid 3.  I had planned a few upgrades for BHD, and it was becoming such a big job that it seemed like more fun to start again.

So the upgrades that i had planned were; Brushless hub drive using Kevin Holme's setup and Fredrik's Tyres.  Batteries in the boxes, and isolated legs, just signals needed.  Brushless dome drive and a few other trick bits.  With all the drives on order, I looked at the 24v upgrades needed, and it is a MAJOR job, so not really an option on BHD.  But at least I will soon be able to set up a test rig and see how these new drives perform.

Here is my box so far:

Plus a new style R2 Rockler. :)

So why do a 3rd?
1.  I've not done R2-D2 yet.
2.  I now have access to CNC and other tools to make it a very different project.
3.  I'd love another crack at 2-3-2 on a lighter droid.
4.  The new brushless options need testing.
5.  This is a chance to really finish off the hobby i love, applying all ive learnt. :)

What will it include?
Ali Dome, Eye, Logics and HPs
Styrene legs and body with ali subframe
9 dome doors as per BHD with carbon custom hinges
3 HPs Chld-proof Single Axis motion with custom carbon mounts
Teeces Lights
2-3-2 with room for body gadgets.
Brushless hubs, with Omni wheels centre
Main batteries in Battery boxes
Brushless Dome drive
Utility arms
5 body doors
Volume Octo knobs
Click off dome
Click off body unit
Louder audio running at higher voltage, will need bigger speakers

This time i will not be focusing on removable legs.  Fixed and lighter, will have to change the car in a year or 2. :)

I have been tinkering with the ideas for some new carbon fibre dome hinges for the 300mm dome, and droid 3 is the perfect excuse.  These will be based on the X2's hinges, they have been amazing so far. :)  I hope to use black M3 hardware, black Ali standoffs and push rod ends.  Fingers crossed they end up looking as good as they work. :)  But then  realized I couldn't do those without a dome!

This is what I have so far.  Not much to see and in red not black, but you get what I'm gong for. :)

So after nearly a week of trying to talk myself out of it, I ordered a 300mm hydro dome.  And Radar eye, and Logics, and 1 more HP to match the 2 I had bought for R6.  Just dome bumps and i can really get cracking.  I'm so weak when it comes to R2. :(

I MUST resist buying more for the body or legs just yet.  Dome and core first, then I can add the rest later.

Having received the hubs, I stripped them ready for welding the clutches, and turning down.  Jobs for a pro.  :)  Thanks James. :)

But game on. Cant wait to get cracking. :D

Need to get BHD on 4.0, X2's batteres swapped and the tracks retested, and both droids serviced for CE3, then a little more work on BHD 4.0 before then, but should be a fun summer. :)

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