Friday, 14 October 2016

HP Mechs & BHD Shelf

These are based on the concepts i used on X2 and BHD.  A a very simple mech, just up and down, and cant be twisted.  But this time i wanted to make it a little more of a complete part.

I ended up with a plate that mounts to 4 25mm M3 5mm diameter standoffs and has a slot on the back and a spot for the servo. :)  The 2 steel M4 standoffs connect to a CNC bent bracket that connects to the ballend, it also has holes for a cable tie to retain the LED lead.  It uses the full 90 degrees of the servo and should do the job just fine. :D

I added 4 little pads of felt to the back of the rear cowl, this takes out the slop and stops them from making too much noise.

With that done, i moved on to do the electronics (putting off the hinges).  I eventually decided to follow a similar path for this.  I simply used more standoffs and mounted a 2nd level to the rear logics.  Then to home the servo board i added a daughter board that is connected by 2 bent 2mm ali brackets, this position will keep all the wires close to the dome and should help keep it neat.

The plates are all now 2mm carbon fibre.  This is the final assembly:

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