Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Collectormania 19 in Milton Keynes

Collectormania 19 in Milton Keynes was a great success.  9 droids there on the Saturday. :)

Here are a few vids from the event. :)

The 2-3-2 system remained solid all weekend. :D  Several miles of driving and tons of mucking about and it still worked on the end of the Sunday.  So with a final fine tune i think it might be finished, for now. :)  Still need to redo the ankle joints for the ultimate stability, but i can work on the 2 leg driving now. :)

Having a chat with a few of the builders, and sharing stories, i was saying i had to replace a couple of servos, and Mark (creator of Amy, Zoe and the other droids) said he had lost a few servos when running from Arduino pins.  So i have decided to redo my servo control.  Will use one arduino to control 2 Adafruit Servo controllers, im getting some help, and hoping to make a new library to be able to control the speed of the servos more easily, with that the solution will be just as good. :)  A dome bump controller would be awesome to run it, but any old arduino will do the job till i can find one.

I also bought 25 RGB pixels, for the scanner in the LDP and the lights in the coin slots.  Will crack on with those this weekend.  I want the cylon/kitt scanner, but ideally the option to have a blue or red scanner would be preferred. :)

So lots of coding to be done, and hook up the body servos, fix the back door and im almost ready for CE2 :) 

Coding will include:
2-3-2 feet drives (finally) 
2-3-2 positions re-tune
2 leg driving mode
Adafruit servo controllers for body and dome
RGB LEDs for body (LDP and Coin Slots)

Time to get on with it. :)  I have till the 29th of June to do major stuff.  Then if i can afford it i have 3 events before CE2 :)

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  1. What a great turn out for the UK R2 Builders Club :)