Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Charge level added to Teeces Logics

Still playing with dome lights. :)

I reinstalled my Blue and White kit in R2 with the 3.2 PSIs, I had tried the all blue one and it wasn't as nice in R2. :)  Will keep the blue one for R3.

For the PSIs I used an old 10mm thick chopping board, cut one circle to fit directly behind the lens, then a 2nd layer cut to take the LEDs.  Glued together and into the dome it works great.  Really happy with the results, one of the best upgrades I have made so far, well worth doing. :)

I then reapplied the I2C stuff to the base lights code.  All fitted pretty well, so I decided to push my luck.  By editing a few functions, I managed to include all the code needed for a voltage divider on the pro micro too, so I can display the charge level on the logics, it will even flash if less than 25%.  This is currently based on a 12v battery and in the range 13.8V-12v.  Really pleased.

So my overall plan is to move the HPs to use PWM, maybe from the magic panel.  Leave just the logics and PSIs on the pro micro and hopefully reinstate a few of the changes made to make room for the divider.  But first I intend to add the divider code to the triggered set-up so that it can be used by others too.

The more I look at the Teeces, the more I think that there could be room for a similar kit, but using chips that do PWM, maybe using a 256K mega like controller.  Then all LEDs could be PWM and the effects could be much closer to being screen accurate.

I also shortened the other leg rod, so I hope the 2-3-2 and drive will be working again for the weekend.

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