Tuesday, 30 April 2013

BHD Lights 2.0 Teeces V3.2 lights demos

Well, I ran it for a few more hours, tweaked a few weightings to make it more likely to do what I wanted and I'm really pleased with the results. :)  The random nature means that it does what it wants, but the probability of stay or change is weighted. :)  Here is a demo of the PSIs in action:

And the triggering is working fine, no de-bouncing so a slow setup of the combo lines may cause issues, but single lines are fine, and multiple lines are best done using a microprocessor.  Here is a vid of the total kit.

The sketch is here:  Google Drive  Look for BHDLights2_0.zip  in there are 2 versions, 1 for V3 and one for V3.2 PSIs.

I still need to test the HPs, but don't have any spare 2 pin female leads, so may need to tweak the code if i am triggering the wrong LEDs, but i guessed at the HPs based on the last boards, so might be OK.  Easy fix, as soon as i have leads i will test those too.

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