Thursday, 11 April 2013

2-3-2 Takes another step forward

Finally some positive 2-3-2 results.  :)

The shortened leg rods have made a big difference.  One is still too long, but he is already much more stable and balanced in 2 leg mode.  Aiming to redo that this weekend.  The actuator mounts, the redone shoulders and the tightened setup have all helped, and i am almost there now.  Starting to feel that with a couple more refinements i can trust it a lot more.  I haven't even adjusted the positions in the code yet. :)

There is still some lumps in the action, this is caused by the caster wobble, you can actually see when they turn, so adding the feet drives will cure that, i will have a go at that soon.  

But the wobble and walk are fine and he doesn't want to fall over and the lack of play in the rods now means he doesn't build up momentum in the same way when wobbling. :)

Id still like to redo the ankle pivots, there is some play there that can be removed.

But here is a quick demo of how its looking. :)

So last few bits on 2-3-2 ASAP, then the door servos (putting this off, my hands are too big to get in there easily), a few refinements to the control code and a few servo spot adjustments and i will be ready for CE2. 

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