Monday, 29 April 2013

Teeces Rebuild for pin triggering and 3.2 PSIs

A quiet week for My R2, sort of.  :)  I have been working on Teeces kits.  I am doing an all blue one for my R3 dome and a couple of std coloured ones for spares. :)  Should help a few UK/EU builders and save them paying import duty. :)  But typically everything is cheaper in the US, even LEDs!  So the price to me for all the bits will be quite a bit more than the JoyMonkey run, so it's not worth selling any as kits, but i can get a couple finished and tested for sale to make it worth doing.  And with a few nice additions of my own.  They should be pretty sweet and will just need power. :)

I have just added the code for the 3.2 PSIs.  The sweep is in there and can go from either colour in either direction, and I also added the half and half option in both directions too (Stuck slider).  Unfortunately to achieve this I had to remove the independent control of the PSIs, so front and rear do the same thing now, but as they cant both be seen at the same time it's not too bad.  But the new effects are worth the effort.  It looks great behind a diffuser, cant wait to get mine installed.   The standard random mode can swap colour (red / blue / purple), do the sweep or the half and half, and its all done with weighted randoms to make the frequencies more suitable, so no patterns. :)

Then I added a 3 state line triggering system to my code.  A bit like Rotopod's Periscope code.  This should allow for easy triggering, it will allow 7 triggered states and the default random.  The single Gnd and 2 Open modes could easily be triggered by servos or similar, simply pulling that pin to GND.  But it should also be simple to control with another arduino and combine with servos etc then too.

I have applied these 7 modes:
Open, Open, Open  -  Random mode, so that with no triggers it just runs randomly.
Gnd, Open, Open   -  Short Circuit Script- Timed to match MP3
Open, Gnd, Open   -  Cantina script, like a graphic eq on all screens for MP3 length
Open, Open, Gnd   -  Leia Message script - Text and then sine wave till for length of MP3
Gnd, Gnd, Open     -  Wowie script - Hearts and then heartbeat, intended for use with Wowie.mp3
Open, Gnd, Gnd     -  Random flash on all HPs On/Off
Gnd, Open, Gnd     -  Scroll R2 icon across all logics
Gnd, Gnd, Gnd       -  Text of choice scrolled (Han Shot First!) or packman, or X wing, or Tie Fighter. :)

These are the ones I use the most.  But I can also use them to turn individual HPs on/off etc, so there are other options.  If you have any ideas of the best 7 let me know. :)  I'm happy to tweak it.

If you need an assembled Teeces kit, with triggering built in.  Please let me know, i may have one spare. :)

I would prefer not to ship these to the US, they will end up expensive with shipping and import costs and there are others over there who do the same thing and id rather not tread on any toes, so UK/EU only.

For my setup, I intend to run my PSIs from my magic panel.  To allow space for a voltage divider to be used on my Teeces logics.  So mine will be setup differently.  But I think this approach will be a flexible method for the rest of you. :D

I would like one more night running the code to make sure it is as i want it, but im almost ready to upload it.
I will finalize it and upload it tonight if anyone fancies upgrading their kits. :) There will be a V3 and a V3.2 version for the PSIs, but both will have the triggering.  You will just need long pins on 4, 5 and 6 of the pro micro to connect the lead to trigger.  My kits will have long pins fitted on 2-6 for the input lines and the option of using I2C, so you can use it with R-Series or Ard2-P2 (with the right code installed :) ).

I am really happy with the changes, they look really good.  I will try and post a video of the new PSI actions  ASAP. :)

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