Monday, 7 July 2014

Pad Upgrades

I have been looking at the pad setup on and off for a while.  Trying new methods, different arduino/xbees, boxes, configurations etc.  

But Felix is working away on a custom PCB for the BHD setup that will make a big difference to the pad set up.   While awaiting that i was told that the Floureon batteries i was using are now hard to find.

The key thing with a battery is that it has on/off not just on.  And also that the minimum current draw of the battery allows the pad to stay on.

So i ordered the direct replacement:  New Floureon Battery

This is smaller, lighter, the same power and functionality.  So free positives. :D  Also this battery includes a torch option, so another useful addition.

The new BHD 2.0 wiring only needs one USB supply on the pad now, so this weekend i swapped the battery over and redid the leads.  It is much better.  The weight is down, the balance is improved and the overall footprint is less. 

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