Sunday, 7 September 2014

Body servo arms and Volume Octo

The Mancave is finally in a usable state, I've just part finished the workbench and still have a few bits to do, but couldn't resist getting sidetracked on a few R2 jobs, I will finish the cave after FACTS. :D  The cave is making things so much easier, not having to look for things, even tidying up is a pleasure.

Having used my battery boxes to get the new feet done, I have been waiting for the bits to redo them.  Last week I fitted the new battery boxes, they are a touch smaller then the last ones, and were a right pain to get the senna drives into.  I may look at adjusting the NPC position to help long term, but for now I forced them in and ground them back a little.  Need to refit the hoses and fittings, and find some harnesses, but they have a much better finish than the last ones, and look spot on. :D

Started this weekend by stripping him, got it back to the skinless frame and had a good look over the leg lift.  Lots of loose/missing bolts, and a bit of levelling needed, hoping that will be loads better.

Then started looking at the servo rods for the body doors.  The base code and servos have been in and working for nearly a year, but not connected.  I got the 2 right side ones done first.

The left was a little trickier, the CBI door has had a few knocks and pulls, and so needed remounting and repairing.  So got that sorted and made up the other servo rods, but got distracted and didn't finish those 3.

While working around the the utility arms I spotted an easy upgrade, I've been pondering these for a while.  The while open protection spring is great, but the kids like to try and fish them out when closed, especially once they have seen the open, but when powered they end up bending the connecting rods.  So I added 2 layers metal of tubing over the rods to reinforce them.

That then got me thinking, if pulled now they just break something.  So I decided to add the body door servo relays.  Splitting the power to Utility arms and Doors on the 2 relays.  So when I sort the code, the arms wont be powered unless moving or open, and so the servo will move and not break anything, like the dome doors.  Much better. :D

Then I remembered the feet and dome relays, these have been tested and will really help with overall safety and ESC protection. Got those fitted and was on a roll.

Another job was needed...  

An idea from long ago was staring me in the face.  The volume knob I have is currently in the big door to the right of the centre vents and once the servo is powered will be a pain to open the door to access the master volume.  But I've wanted to use the octo port as the volume knob forever.  I had a good look over the octo and decided to go for it.  I got the Powerfile out and ground out the main knob.  Luckily, the original volume knob was only about .5mm too big, but has an ali skin, so I ground it down a little and smashed it in to the back of the octo knob with a rubber mallet.

So then I went to move the PCB and I broke it. :(  Managed to knock the top off the encoder stick. :(  I popped it back together, but fingers crossed that it still works, looked like physical connections, not electrical.  But even if I need to replace that the idea is sound and you would never know. :D  I used a 3mm ali bracket to give it some rigidity, and mounted it so I can still get the skins off by removing the knob.

See, not a clue!  :D

Then I finished off the other 3 rods, opened a few of the holes to help the rod fit and fixed the front skins back on.  All the doors look great.  Will tackle the code and testing this week. 

So that is 5 doors all opening and closing manually, but nicely, 5 relays, volume knob and a few little TLC jobs done.  Pretty much a body service. :D  Just needs a code, testing and a clean up. 

Hopefully next weekend will stay clear and I can get the dome sorted.  Id love to fit the Magic panel and connect the DBC into the system. :D  Then I really need to work on a few more dance scripts, that Cantina dance is wearing thin!

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