Monday, 29 September 2014

Body Doors Working

This is wearing thin at times, everything is a hurdle!  Getting there, but slowly.

The servos put up a fight.  First off the servos wouldn't power up.  I checked all the wiring, tried the relays both ways, checked the step down converter all sorts, fixed a few things that weren't broken, then found a lose connection. :D

So servos working, now time to find the positions.  Powered up, found the top utility arm spots, left it open to be able to open the other the same amount and while mucking about with the bottom one about 7-8mins later the top one gave a twitch and gave up. :(  Fighting that spring for too long isnt good by the look of it.

Bottoms!  I was just about to give up for the night when i had a thought, dug through my stash and found a spare servo, a perfect match for the broken one.  That never happens. :D  So it was broken for all of 10 mins. :D

Tested the uploading and powering from front and back and all works seamlessly.  Popped the body code back in, booted up and spotted a silly mistake.  I had wired the relays the opposite way, and allowed for it in the code, so the relays dont stop the boot twitch as they do on the dome.  That is tomorrow's job!

But 5 body doors and the redone Utility arms, now all on relays so they can be opened by hand.  This has been a job i have had on the cards for maybe a couple of years, the servos have been in the body and moving for over a year!  So nice to have it done.

Edit:  Not worth a proper update, but scripts edited, dome position call issue fixed.  New scripts to follow. :D


  1. Awesome work Brad!
    That looks great!

  2. Nice work Brad, I look forward to your write up and implementing this into my own R2

    1. Cheers dude. This is all in the doc, just need to update the sketches in the download. :D If copying, id wait till next year, should be a much classier user bit by then, and much easier to make. :D