Tuesday, 29 January 2013

5 years of building & body pans

Checked a few dates today.  Turns out that my first part to be ordered (added to the run list) was my dome, and that was paid for on 30/1/2008.  So tomorrow is officially my 5 year anniversary of the first real commitment to make an R2 unit.  I didn't really start building till Oct 08, but building is like being the Queen, 2 official birthdays and many more parties. :)  I had thought that it was a year earlier, so I don’t feel like such a slow lazy slob for taking 4 ½ years, 5 ½ was too slow ;)

I have been working on the body pans this week.  Flip kindly let me use his break a while back, so I had a few sheets of 1mm alu bent to shape and ready to go, so I trimmed up the insert I had made for my previous attempt at the big door pan, and James’ lovely CBI plate was trimmed to suit the bent bit and I got both sides roughed out.  I then cut holes for the hinge access and hey presto instant pans. :)  The dremel was amazing on 1mm alu, so easy to use and great results, I couldn't have cut the delicate bits with the saw without bending the alu.  To finish these off I just need to add angle to use as a bracket for each. 

So door servos for these and the CBI board and code and we are almost ready for the skins. :)  I might look at adding a USB output or 2 in the small lower door, for connecting up phones etc for recharging, will have to see how they fit. :)

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