Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Charge Bays (USB)

I was looking at the CBI Bezel, thinking about the big hole.  I don't want to charge R2 via a lead for the 12v battery, I intend to take it out to charge, but the 5v in the dome and the one in the body would be easier to charge internally.  So I had a bit of a ponder and decided to use 2 USB adaptor ports in the lower door to allow the 5v batteries to be charged, and use another in the CBI port to allow a phone or other USB device to be charged or powered from R2.  I may add a holder somewhere eventually too. :)

I think the lower one needs some details round the edges or sommat, i tried to mount them like the CBI but the alu had distorted and it looked really odd. But its functional and fills the door nicely. 

Then i did the CBI board, all blue LEDs and White for the side ones.  Need to do the leads and test it, but trust the force. ;)  Should be ok.

I actually decided to bolt the top USB in place.  I dont like glue.  :)  Then i also bolted the pan and CBI board together with a single bolt.  


  1. Liking the USB sockets idea! Could you not mount a 'false' front over the lower sockets, to give the same effect as the CBI one??? Just a thought mate :)

  2. Thanks dude, i like the functionality, but would be nice if it looked more like the other doors. Good plan. Will give it a try. Thanks dude.