Thursday, 7 February 2013

CBI Works and Basic Random Code

James popped in tonight, the plan was to get some of the CBI and body servo code written.  So we wired up the remaining LEDs (well James did), and we hooked it up. Nothing. :(  The chip was dead, once we found a good one it worked perfectly.

Unfortunately it did cost us most of the night getting it running, but we did get a simple random mode sorted with a random level for the 3 level LEDs:

I like it, good enough for this job.

I will add a few more scripted modes, would like to do the battery meter here too and do a percentage on the 20 main LEDs on demand, as well as the constant 3 level LEDs, but not sure how it would work or if it would be remotely accurate, but worth a go. :)  Then add the I2C triggering and servo control that will work while the CBI scripts are running, sort the servos and get it all working installed. :)  Fingers crossed. 

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