Monday, 25 February 2013

Week Off Job List

OK, with a week to go i thought id better take stock and write up what needs doing before then, and a wish list of jobs.  This update is more for reference for me, so a bit of a boring one. :)

So here goes.  Before the week off, so this week:

1.  Polish Top Arm, LDP and Centre vent surround plate.
2.  Wire the 5v supply via the switch (to follow) to the 4 body Arduinos.  Maybe use space on servo shield as a power bus.
3.  Wire top charge USB input to the slip-ring.
4.  Wire bottom charge USB input to the input for the battery.
5.  Wire CBI output USB charge direct to 1A output of battery.
6.  Wire 12v for 5v converter to the Rigrunner.
7.  Reconnect wiring for the actuators.
8.  Dig out all my clamps and clips, and maybe grab another load. :)

Then during the week I hope to attempt to get the best part of this lot done or started:
1.  Strip skins.
2.  Roll rear skins flat.  I dropped it, not the right shape any longer. :( 
3.  Refit and JB Weld the JAG hinges into place on body and doors.
4.  Glue up door trims.  Not looking forward to this, tried before and it didn't last.
5.  Glue up rear door, hinges and magnets, may have to polish the door on the real R2 that is normally alu.  Yet to decide. :)
6.  Attach arm carrier to skins.
7.  Attach inner skins to skin snaps.
8.  Refit and glue in the power couplers, octo ports and coin slots.
9.  Attach all doors and fit servo rods, test all servos on the body and find open/close points.
10.  Attach Outer skins.  Either VHB or JB weld, leaning towards VHB.
11.  Attach all missing panels and coin returns.
12.  Remount the centre vents to correct position and attach surround (method to follow :) )
13.  Polish backs of pocket and Side vents and refit.
14.  Debug pad problem.  James' is fine, mine isn't letting me turn off the dome, has to be wiring or XBee set-up.
15.  Rewrite pad start up to include the R1+Triangle then Triangle magic combo to stop the pad crashing.  Like an unlock code. :)
16.  Mount switch/button for 5v battery feed.
17.  Add correct command numbers to servo code and add required scripts.
18.  Retest Audio, dome drive, dome position, feet drive, dome lights and servo set-up with body servos and CBI.
19.  Rejig 2-3-2 set-up and test as just the frame.  Mainly actuator alignment.  Then Redo actuator points for 2-3-2 action.
20.  Redo master and 2-3-2 controller code to add feet drive during 2-3-2 and add 2 leg mode sense and driving mode.  
21.  Add an extra combo scrip or two, James has had a great idea for one, watch this space :)  Also add a few of the fun audio options as their own commands. :)
22.?  Look at the 5v battery and see if the on off switch can be rewired to be more accessible

So actually its wire and polish everything up.  Then sort the skins and test everything so far.  Then sort the 2-3-2.  But really, if i get the skins on i will be happy enough. Rather get it right than rush it. :)  So the list and the order may evolve, but doesnt hurt to think ahead. :)

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