Sunday, 10 February 2013

Actuator Refinements and More Code

James is coming in handy once more.  He very kindly took my actuators and brackets and offered to take out the slop, there was at least a mm play over the 2 brackets on each,so that related to a pretty big slop in the leg position, its the last bit to tweak that I wasn't happy with.  I hope that these, redoing the positioning on the actuators, a bit of a timing tweak on the leg lift and adding feet drive to the motion so that the centre foot doesn't move will make it a really stable 2-3-2.  It was a lot more stable when the feet could roll, and if I can simulate that it would be great and take out the caster twist that causes issues as it pushes the centre leg forward. This is what he came up with, Silver steel shaft, brass collar fixed on one end that goes into the head hole in one side of the bracket, and a split pin hole on the other end.  Spot on.  Cant wait to get these back in and test a few theories. :)

Looks perfect, Thanks James Has to be loads better than me with a hand drill. :)

The CBI code is still progressing at pace.  I have 7 servos in the code now, 2 Utility arms, and 5 doors.  The CBI only flashes when that door is open and is put into the sleep state to save power when the door is closed.  I have all the I2C stuff in too to trigger the servos and the lights.  Just need to choose the buttons to use and apply the script numbers, oh and fit the 5 door servos.  :) Looks like I might need to move the MP3 Arduino, so more unexpected work.  But I did trim that amp bracket and finally bolt in the Big pan, it fits nicely now.  Skins are getting closer. :)  Should be close to being ready for the week off.  But need to get polishing soon too.  I don't want to have to strip the arms once fitted to the skins. :)

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  1. This James chap is a proper hero. You should buy him a drink or something!

    Always pleased to help out dude, good practice for me and droid 2 :)