Friday, 8 February 2013

CBI Progress

Progress is good on the CBI, without the row/column confusion of the Teeces this is simple. I have messed about and added a few scripted options and refined my random a little.  Then I moved on to the idea of using it to display charge level, no voltage divider yet, or any idea of voltage levels, but just the mechanics of displaying the LEDs.  I input a value of 0-20, and that number is counted out on the display, the 3 side ones are also broken down to show charge level into 4 lots of 5 with 0-5 being all 3 LEDs off.  Works well. :)

So that is the LED bit ready, Triggering next, then Servos. Decided to make life easy and start the random mode when door is opened, then loop one random each main loop, that way I can still trigger other body stuff while random runs, but if I trigger a CBI script, i have to wait for that to finish before being able to do other stuff on that Arduino   If I keep the CBI scripts short it should be fine. :)

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