Sunday, 17 February 2013

Body Servo Shield and 5v Supply

Busy weekend here, R2 is stripped to pieces and I have several jobs on the go. :) 

Having sorted most of the code, I started to look at mounting everything it needed.  I was forced to remove the volume knob and the MP3 Arduino.  Then I mounted the 50W 12v-5v DC converter on a bracket and mounted the body Arduino to the back.  It sits in the hole left by the coin slots.

I sorted the shield, it has all the connectors for the CBI, including power, all 11 servos are wired up (may have to rethink if I use higher power ones for the arm and claw), the voltage divider with 12v input from the converter supply, and power in via Vin pin.  I am going to redo the wiring for the 5v servo power with 3x 2 way heavy duty servo leads, I don think the current ones will take the load, but an easy upgrade.

I also got the actuators back in, really tight on the mounts, but one of my mountings wasn't quite square, so it has to be pulled over to meet the arm, that actuator is then really firm, but not sure if it will cause me problems, so may need to loosen a few bolts and see if I can get it to sit right.  The one that sits perfectly still has a bit of play, but only from the actuator, the mounts are perfect.   I think when fitted correctly the 2 actuators will have a similar amount of play, maybe about 1mm.

After looking at the volume knob and trying to figure out a location, I spotted it had holes for header pins to allow the use of remote LEDs, so I am going to mount the knob in the big central door at the bottom and mount the LEDs with it. :)  If it works :)  So that and remount the MP3 Arduino  don't you just love this shuffling lark, luckily those bits were only half mounted anyway, so at least they will find a home soon. 

So I need those extra servos, servo rods and the extension leads I ordered and I can crack on.   Also ordered some Scotchbrite pads in 2 flavours to help polish up the arms, fingers crossed they help. :)  I am looking good to be ready for skins in 2 weeks time. :)

Also I hope to get a Raspberry Pi tomorrow, may not use it in R2 just yet, but will be fun to have a play with. :)

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