Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Utility Arm Setup Complete

Finally finished the Utility arms.  They need to be stripped and polished up, but the construction is done. :)

I replaced the springs with smaller diameter ones, this made the pull back action at the end of the travel a little firmer.  But the tape gave out on the servos pretty quickly. :)  So i hopped on eBay and grabbed a couple of alu servo brackets.  They arrived today, so I cracked on and mounted them, set it all up again, found the open and close points and got it working.

Held steady it's great, so I need to mount it for best results, but it works great, the servos cope with the springs with no issue at all, apart form the difference in open v close speed, but I might be able to sort that via the Arduino.  I am not sure on the current drawn to keep them open, I may need to measure that, but I am using a 10A 5v supply to make sure.

So on to the door servos and pans.  Cant wait to get these under pad control.  I think these might have to be up and down on the D pad, my first non trigger commands. :)  Well if you don't include start and select, they have stuff already, but the first big button. :D

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