Sunday, 16 June 2013

More testing and fixing

Having combined the software for the body, i rigged the wiring to run all but the servos, and booted up the droid and pad and all the old bits for the first time with all the new code (minus the dome).

All seemed fine, but i was having some odd things happen, the main one being that it wouldn't repeat the same command twice.  After a bit of checking i found the issue in the pad code, uploaded a fix and prayed that it wouldn't make the crashing return.  But joy of joys, it sorted the problems and still no crashing.

MP3s were fine after that so i knew the pad and master were ok, but some of the coin slot and LDP commands weren't doing as expected, so i fixed those, and got them all working as they should.  They work great with the CBI code and it is as good as them running independently. :)

The dome drive wouldn't work at first, but i turned it all off, reconnected the wires and tried again and it came back, not sure what that was, but seems fine now.

The main lesson today has been that cut and paste is great, but only when you change it once pasted. :)  All the coding issues were related to it.  Must pay more attention in future. :)

I now need to find combos for the CBI and body servo commands, get the Adafruit controller in and get those servos hooked up.

I have Thursday and Friday off, so hope to test that 2 leg driving mode, and maybe have time to add the 2-3-2 code to both droid master and 2-3-2 controller before then so i can test that with James on hand to act as catcher. :)  So more coding to follow, but so far im really pleased with progress. :)

Also having said that the pad redo would be post CE2, i did some shopping yesterday evening.  I managed to find a slim I2C LCD screen, it has White text and a black background, and is 16x2 characters, the total board is 14mm deep and 80x36mm, i also got some proto board that is 80x120mm so that will trim down perfectly.  Then i looked for batteries, i ordered a few, but the one i have the highest hopes for is 80x40x17mm, and is 2Ah 5v, so should easily last a full day, and i hope that the new screen and power pack block can no bigger than 90x45x40.  The current steup is approx 120x70x65mm, so only 30% the total volume. :)  But will only have about 40% the battery life of the current setup.  Most of it is from China, so we will have to see when it all arrives. :)

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