Saturday, 29 June 2013

Testing almost done

Another boring text update.  But im not quite ready for another video, and its all code based stuff anyway, mostly to get it doing what it before did but better. :)

I have been uploading, testing and fine tuning my code, all week.  Started on the Vegas and CBI code, took ages to get it running, i wasn't powering the 2-3-2 system and so the I2C wouldn't boot and the body Arduino wouldn't start.  But once i figured it out and unplugged the 2-3-2 I2C it ran fine.

I then got all the dome positioner stuff retested and I moved onto the MP3s, I added a few new sounds, and made a couple of my most used ones more available.  Once all the new commands worked i moved onto the dome.  Plugged it in and the logics and PSIs ran random fine, but nothing on remote, and the HPs and dome servo controller wouldn't boot, so I assumed I2C issues and tried everything I could think of and nothing would work.  So i looked at the whole dome setup again.  Because of the Adafruit, the 5v system in the dome was totally isolated from the body 12v system, so i added a ground wire from the slip ring power feed to the teeces supply and booted it up.  It ran great.  So I tested and tweaked all the lights commands.  Then fitted a ground for the dome servo and HP controller and powered the adafruit from the arduino.  That ran great too.  I adjusted all the servo open and close points and tested all the dome servo and HP commands.  All great so far. :)

I think the lesson is to ground every system together no matter what, that way there is less reliance on other connections to ground it. By grounding each arduino it also allows them to be run with the lead connected from the PC, for much easier uploading and testing,  So might have to redo some of the wiring in the body.

So all the fitted bits were working, but the timings on the combos needed adjusting and a few of the new scripts kept growing. :)  The pad needed a slight fix, i had the 2/3 leg mode the wrong way round.  I found a system for working with all the different sketches.  I would open those i needed for the combo, make all the changes as i went and then upload, when happy with that combo i would save and close that sketch, so i only had those i needed to upload open.  Worked really well, it can get confusing. :)  But my new spreadsheet helps a lot too. :)

While in the dome servo code I took advantage of the slow mode and added a really nice Mexican wave, also redid a few of the other servo scripts.  Then had the thought that the HP servos and lights are on the same controller, obvious I know, but I hadn't seen the potential.  :)  It would be pretty easy to add a flash when it moves the servo in random mode.  It looks wicked.  The random mode sometimes selects the same position so you just get the odd flash with no motion, really cool.  There is a slight compromise, it adds a delay of 0.3s for every flash, so there may be a slight delay starting dome servo scripts if it is flashing at the time, but i can happily live with that.

Really pleased with progress, it has been slow and a little frustrating at times, but it has been great to see him come back to life. :)  193 options now, and the improvements have bean a big success. :)  Assuming the drive code and 2-3-2 stuff works ok, we should be running by next weekend. :)

A couple of odd MP3 not responding issues, but not sure if it was just me, last run it ran for at least 2 hours with no issues.  So fingers crossed.

I then started on the utility arms, i fine tuned the positions in the openings so they swing freely.  Then thinking about the dome servos only using half the available range (will redo the pies soon, but lower doors are a pain) and knowing how much power these servos need as they are currently, i decided to shorten the arms by about 25mm.  It uses nearly double the servo range and will maximize the servo efficiency.  I am a little worried about running these higher power servos through the Adafruit.  Will keep my fingers crossed.  Just need to neaten those up and i can get on with mounting the 2nd 12v-5v converter and adafruit and i can get testing that too. :)

Remaining jobs:
Sort Utility Arms for better range usage and alignment.
Fit adafruit, DC/DC and wiring for body servos.
Connect body door servos and test servo code.
Test 3 and 2 leg driving modes, speeds retune and retune 2-3-2 positions adding feet drive for max stability, plus wobble and walk tweak
Trolley revamp to better protect the skins from damage.
Back door repair and reinforce
Get chargers, extension and plug converter, to be able to charge all 4 batteries at once.  3 USB and the big one.
Cheat sheet redo, may need to be double sided now. 

If Time:
Pad Mk2 or Redo controller strap hanger bar for better hang when in use.
Redo pie dome servos, for better range usage
Centre vent remount.
Magic panel install and code up - unlikely

Dome bump controller install and code up - very unlikely 

Mancave floor arrived today. :)  We marked it out, it is going to be great, my brother has oak panel frames, so that is 5 windows and a double door sorted, just need a frame for the doors and the 7 bits of glass. :)  Each bit of glass will be about 6 foot long and about 15" deep.  Cladding and shingles are sorted and timber arrives Wednesday morning.  Getting really excited now, should look great.  Need to start looking at electrics and internals straight after CE2.  But the sofa is sorted. :)

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