Sunday, 7 July 2013

Final testing before driving

I got most of it running. :)

But i still had a few things to sort out.

After playing for a few hours, i gave up on the MP3 freezing problem, but after a kip i found the issue, i needed to reset the script numbers on any functions that did not play a track.  Easy fix once found.  That is sound now.

I added a random dome position, in the vid it was in it's early stages, i spent a little more time making it more usable, it now works in the first 120 or so degrees of front range, i used 9 positions and simply random one, wait a random time and repeat.  I did it so that the dome drive can still be used, it will wait for about 2 s of no dome motion before doing the dome motion and then random wait, works really well, but other than feet drives, it wont receive commands while moving the dome, so ok while static but not ideal. :)  I added a slow fast option, tied to the random sounds frequency, so like an overall activity level option.

I also reduced the flash of the HPs on random to 0.15s so that there is less delay running any scripts.

Then i ran into an issue, i thought the 2-3-2 command lines were fine, but turns out that if you use pin 13 as an input on an uno, it floats at 1.7v because of the LED on the board, hence i wasn't getting a reliable 2 leg signal.  So i moved to pin 7 and it started working, sort of.  After a lot of debugging i found out why the 2-3-2 call wouldn't end, i had the wires the wrong way round!

So with the 2-3-2 call ending nicely i knew the while calls were ok, so the pins were all signalling fine and the 2 leg/3leg on the pad was showing correctly.  So i wired up one motor and did some more testing.  I had to fix the direction of the motors during 2-3-2.  Hey presto, controlled feet drive motion during the 2-3-2. :)

I then got the walk working too, and moved onto feet drive testing, i spent a while trying to work out why it wouldnt switch to fast mode, but then i remembered that in 2 leg mode it wont, so did the 2-3-2 and all worked fine.  Muppet!  But both slow and fast modes seem fine, 2 leg driving is much slower and look like it will work well.

So its time to fix the legs on and adjust the speeds to suit the droids. :)  Must do that tonight, after that is done, and 2-3-2 positions are fine tuned for balance, i should be ready, all bar a few small jobs that dont really matter. :)

Pad Mk2 is going well, slowly working on the layout. :)  Maybe in time for CE2, you never know. :)

Will post a vid once i get him driving in 2 legs. :)

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