Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Warborough Festival AKA 3 hours on grass!

Well.  A mixed weekend for R2.  

The 30Ah 5v packs arrived, only about 60% heavier than the 12Ah ones and they also have a power draw sense, so i only need one switch inline to turn the power on and off.  I will need to do some work to fit it in the body, so decided to add one and a switch to the dome as a quick job.  I used a short USB extender, and stripped it to add the switch on the +ve line.  I then rewired the dome to use one USB lead as the power to both Teeces and servo controller.  The switch is easily accessible with the dome facing forward and the back door open.  And much easier than fishing around in the dome. :)

Then my car let me down, so i was forced to cancel another event for Saturday night.  I was really disappointed i couldn't make it. it was for a charity about as close to me as it gets.   Hope they repeat the event and i can go next time.

But that meant i had a fully charged and ready to go R2, so today i went to the village festival, and was soon convinced to bring R2 down.  He ran on the grass fine for about 3 hours (all i could manage), the ground was hard and bumpy but R2 coped well and he was really well received.  So much love. :)

Me and R2 :D

The new code all ran fine, no bugs at all that i spotted, the delay on the triggering while the dome is moving is a bit of a pain, i may have to look at seeing if i can put in a cancel for that to make it more responsive, the grass made no difference to run time, the extra drag didn't seem to make much difference, i just had to drive a little slower so that the door didn't bounce open, all the batteries still show as full after the 3 hours, nearly all with the dome random on.  So it was a useful afternoon, even if i do now have to double check what has come loose. :)  

Will make the final tweaks and upload the new code this week.  But please don't post any spoilers if you go digging in the code. ;)

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  1. Real shame about the car dude, but great to see him running on grass and getting the love :) He was probably better received at this festival anyway!

    And the natural out door light really helps to show off how good he looks in all alu in the pictures, I think the lighting at indoor events can make him look a bit dull in pics, but he really does pop in these.

    Did you 2-3-2? :p