Saturday, 20 July 2013

BHD Control code now Online

James has now had the code uploaded to his droid too, we tested the booleans for the 2-3-2 and dome potentiometer.  All works well.

We did need to adjust the stop points for the dome and feet drives and also the speed and turn profiles for the different modes, but easy fixes.  The code is now reordered and annotated to make those changes easier for others.

I went through all the sketches and added a header, and a few critical annotations.  It can still be improved, but its all in there now, all tested and all working reliably.

Im not 100% happy that the random dome motion prevents the triggering while moving, but it was intended more as a static mode, so its fine for now.  Also the flash of the HPs means that the dome servo scripts can be up to 0.15s slower to trigger, but no biggie.

So all MP3s, all sketches, libraries and Xbee files are now uploaded to my drive.  Please test them thoroughly before using in public.  Mine has a lot of run time now, and i have fixed lots of issues, the code is good, but id hate to see any droid go wild.  This code is used at your own risk, but i haven't had any issues and trust it.  Good luck.


I will write up the wiring of the setup after CE2 and pad 2 are done.

Im so glad i upgraded it to the 193 commands, it gave me the chance to refine a lot of the functions.  Really pleased with the results. :)

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