Sunday, 7 July 2013

Redo Complete BHD v1.0 is fully operational

The 2-3-2 with the feet drives is a lot better,  the wobble of the caster is gone. :)  I still need to adjust the bottom limit switch and also the 2-3-2 drop position, but it works much more reliably with the feet drives in. :)

2 leg still mode isn't right, fine forwards or backwards, but not while turning, i need to do a whole new mixing method for it, the resistance to turn is too much, so needs more power, but i don't want the forward speed to be too much, may have to sketch that one out, should be fun, and might be better on the other modes too and allow faster on the spot turning.  Maybe later, for now its stable enough for parking. :)

But the tweaks to the slow mode are an improvement, a little more top speed and a little more agile.

Loving this dome motion, while static i now have the dome position, MP3s, random HP move with flash and the logics and PSIs, he really seems alive. :)  I might try and add the odd ripple or twitch here and there too, on the dome servos and utility arms, but i want him to be safe while doing it, so will have to make sure nothing opens too far.  Will just help add a little more character.  But he has character already, he made me chuckle a few times while letting him run. :)

So that is it.  I still need to annotate the code a little and pop on a header.  I will do the event next Saturday (Oxford SciFi Moonlight Walk) and post the code once it has had a proper run. :)

Still not done those door servos, its a pain to get to the arms, maybe forget those for now, just do the CBI and big door next to the vents.  There is still time. :)

While testing, i have noticed that the body battery seems to run down quicker than before.  It is now running the Master and Xbee, dome positioner, MP3 uno and shield, 2-3-2 Uno and pots, Body controller, CBI, Vegas Kit and Adafruit.  It is happy running them so cant be more than the 3.1A output, so i decided to upgrade, i have ordered 2 30Ah 5v packs, so i now have 2 12Ah for the dome and the 2 30s for the body. :)  Should last a whole event for the 5v needs. :)

I also ordered some USB mains adapters and a UK to EU converter, so all i need now is the USB leads and a 4 way extension and i can charge while in CE2.  So R2 is nearly there now, just me and the trolley and we should be sweet. :D

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