Saturday, 15 June 2013

Pad Crash Fixed - Hopefully

After tweaking all the pad code for the 2/3 leg mode status and changing the strings usage i was having a read through the code, and saw that i could remove all the individual code setup stuff, so it now just adds the trigger state value to the button pressed factor and cleans it up a lot.  So eventually i booted it up to do some testing.

I did loads of button bashing, and even using the sequences that crash it, it just keeps on running. :)  So it looks like that is another thing off the list. :D     

Fingers crossed that is cured.

The code size has dropped to about 15Kb, and with minimal strings should now easily run on almost any arduino.  Im considering trying to make a proto shield for a pro micro, Xbee breakout board, and my connectors for the Screen, PS2 pad, and power in, this would be the first draft of a custom pad PCB, also considering running a 16x2 screen instead of the 20x4, the screen is the limiting size thing.  So there is potential to shrink the control box considerably, but this will be a post CE2 thing.

The CBI, Vegas and Body code is both split on the chains and combined, it should work, but needs testing.  I will fit the bits and test the lights with the controller next. :)

I also, with James' help, added connectors to the Sabertooth wires.  It will be so much more practical. :)

The CE2 list is shrinking. :D

CE2 job list:
Test 2 leg driving mode and speeds retune (a little more agility needed and more turn in fast mode)
Fit controller, DC/DC and wiring for body servo, CBI and Vegas kit
Test Vegas Kit, CBI and servo code
Connect door servos using Adafruit
Fit door servo rods (been putting this off, gonna be tricky)
Sort Utility Arms and test in place
Retune 2-3-2 positions and add feet drive for max stability, plus wobble and walk drive and tweak
Controller strap bar for better hang when in use.
Face Button Setup: (These may change)
All 3 HP on then off to X button
Scream to O button
Johnny5 ‘Laser Lips’ clip to Square button
LDP Cylon in red plus CS Random White 2 to Triangle button
Up  Happy Sound
Down Sad Sound
Light Demo Mode 1 to Left
Light Demo Mode 2 to Right
I may also redo some of the combos and take out some of the options to allow room for more script based stuff, that are more reactive and more useful than scrolling through modes for the PSIs etc.
Secret CE2 special script – Details to follow

If Time
Redo all dome servos, for better range usage and use new SpeedServos library for Adafruit
Magic panel install and code up.

Dome bump controller install and code up.

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