Thursday, 29 August 2013

Decisions, Decisions

Time has come for me to Fish or cut bait.  I have been wanting to write up the BHD control set-up and allow others to use it too.  But i have decided to delay it, and give it another few events testing, add the safety relays and make sure it is totally safe.  But also add the DBC, Magic Panel, Data Panel (for those that want it, im not fitting one in mine), and also make a start on the Touch Screen controller for in the droid and get Mk2 PS2 Pad complete and maybe using custom PCBs for the shields and pad. :)  It will be much easier to support something that is pre-made rather than users making their own shields.  Most of my set up issues (and James') were wiring related, and this would eliminate a lot of that.  I may be able to get the new Twist Paw arms in and working, maybe add an X axis for the HPs, and maybe a few other gadgets before it goes live too. :)

So now refocused, i am tracking my Magic Panel as it is shipped from the US, hope to finish the DBC this weekend, shouldn't be long till i have the Data Panel and that will be an easy job to add and code up.   I will start all 4 relays this weekend (2 for the feet and 2 for the DC converters that power the servos).  So in a few weeks time i will be ready to start on my touch screen.  But should have an all singing all dancing R2 for the upcoming events. :)

The plan for the touch screen is to have a touch LCD screen (ideally 5") fitted in portrait behind the big door on the front, so instead of having the Data Panel, i will have my touch screen.  Id like to be able to do almost anything i can do on the pad via the screen, this may mean a menu system, but should be fun to do.  I need this screen to send the scripts to the master via I2C, currently the Uno i use as the master is using all 20 pins, so I2C is the only option left. :)  So i hope that the Screen will talk to the master using 2 way, and the master will talk to the end units, need to get the screen and start playing. :)  This one should be a really nice addition and make the BHD system not just a very functional system, but a cool one too. :)

I need a free graphics app to create the images i will use on the LCD, does anyone have any recommendations?

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