Saturday, 24 August 2013

Dome Bump Controller - Part 2

So i got the code working, but soon discovered lots of tweaks to make it more usable. this is a list of what i added and changed.
1.  Removed flash after button change to make lights more responsive and not turn off.
2.  Added PSI Confirm Flash pattern to more easily see when activated.
3.  Refined all the Get Out commands to reset more easily if wrong code added.  Any bad combo, or too short or long will error it out.  These only apply depending on conditions to allow it to be played without activating.
4.  Added PSI Get Out Flash to see when it crashes out (it looks like an X on the PSI, may tweak this when diffused to more easily see the shape).
5.  Added de-bouncing to the 2nd confirm to make it easier to trigger.
6.  Added a boot up combo to see if it reboots more easily.
7.  Added the combo entered in the end confirmation flash. :)
8.  Changed all the delays to take out flashes during get out and make it more sensitive but still usable, it now times out in 1s, so it has to be done as a combo, and all the flashes are much shorter to make it quicker to use, but still recognizable.

So the steps to use it successfully are:

1.   Hold both until flashing starts (1.5s).
2.   Release buttons during flash.
3.   Button A or Button B until Flash (0.5s).
4.   Release button during Flash.
5.   Repeat 3 and 4 for the Same button, only one button should be use and from 1 to 3 times.
6.   Hold both buttons until flash starts (1s, then combos are sent on signal lines).
7.   Release buttons during flash.
8.   Flash pattern will confirm the code received.

Resulting in 6 combos, A, 2A, 3A, B, 2B, 3B, or 1-6. :)  These output on 3 signal lines to the master.

The BHD I2C stuff is in, i just need to do the spreadsheet of the scripts that use the rear PSI, then do the timings and the scripts themselves, but all easy to do, just a case of getting on with it.  Once that is all done and in tune with the main setup, i then need to add the reading of the signal lines to the master, then i will be able to upload the code to the DBC and see it working in the dome.  :)

Im really pleased with it, from where it started this morning (i had thought it was almost done) it has come a long way, it is really usable but you need to know what to do, so its spot on.  I havent had any bad signals, and i love that it confirms what it read. :)

Here's a vis of it so far:

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