Thursday, 21 March 2013

2-3-2 Feet drive idea

I have been thinking a lot about a more usable and stable system for 2 leg mode.  It's top heavy and so pretty unstable at the moment, and I don't want to add anything to reduce the ride height.  The shoulder action and leg lift are fine, and I think when I get the leg rods shortened and the drive added it will be great as an action.  But a lot of the issues are caused by balance, because the foot print of the 2 wheels in 2 leg mode is only about 6" apart.

My 72mm centre wheels are fine, no problems with general use and even coped with bricks etc.  And if I have decided that driving on rough surfaces is out anyway due to the vibration  then why not go for 3" drive wheels too.  If separated as much as possible you could get maybe 9" or 10" between touch points.  Maybe more.  Almost doubling its foot size.  And how about 3 wheels in each foot?  It would also allow skate bushes above the drive trains to be fitted to better handle impacts.  That would help a load with 2 leg balance and the 2-3-2 itself.  But would limit the surface choices a little.  Decisions decisions.

But as a bonus, if the static is caused by the drive trains then when I redo them I can make sure there is no contact of plastic and metal. :)

Lets get the current 2-3-2 as good as possible, finish the rest and come back to this idea.  Maybe I could do a swappable drive setup that would allow bigger wheels only for 3 leg mode.

So this weekend I intend to shorten the rods by about 1.5mm, this should help align the body legs and feet at the centre point, meaning that the balance can be taken back far enough to leave the rods in compression before lifting the leg.  Then look at the leg lift stop points, and maybe retest the basic 2-3-2 action. :)

I have also been playing with my DD periscope, and the lighting kit.  Not a good fit, I need to totally redo the risers to allow the kit to fit.  Never easy. :)  But should be sweet if i can make it work :)

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