Thursday, 14 March 2013

What a Nightmare :)

What a nightmare.  I have spent all week getting all the old stuff working again after the rewire.

First job was the dome drive on/off pad issue.  The effect was that when I turned the dome off t would also set it to slow mode and turn off the feet.  Also did some odd very odd stuff and stopped working at times.  So I checked EVERYTHING, reheated the joints on the shields, reprogrammed the Xbees and still nothing.  But swapping the pins in the code moved the problem, so the code was ok.  I was totally lost.  So after a load of retesting and rechecking I decided to try powering it via the USB, hey presto no more problem.  Very frustrating.  But sorted.

Then I got the MP3s working via the pad, no trouble there, then the dome position control worked straight off and I'm thinking I'm doing well.  I connected up the dome, and the Dome lights wouldn't trigger, and the dome servos just crept open.  So stripped the dome and tested the I2C pass through from the slip-ring and that was fine, but the 12v supply wasn't working.  Turned out the Anderson connector had slipped internally from the rigrunner, so it wasn't connected on the ground side.  Sorted that and I have dome servos and lights triggers again. :)

So with all the old stuff working again, i moved on to the CBI, that is now flashing away nicely, still need to chose the triggers for it, but they work on the 1-20 i have assigned as a temp solution. :)  But looks like i have a dead servo in there. :(

I managed to get my car looked at and it's safe to drive, so the NEC for Sat and Sun is looking possible now.  I also managed to take off Friday afternoon.  So I hope to get the 2-3-2 working again so I can use the trolley in 2 leg and still drive him in 3 leg. (will redo the code to add the feet drive in another time), and I want to get the CBI door working so I can show the battery level. :)  But I'm hoping to get my new laptop delivered tomorrow, so I may be able to do a little more work at the event too. :)

Overall a testing week, no punn intended.  But finally feel like I'm getting there. :)

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  1. Phew, thats a LOT of work mate!!! Good to hear all's sorted and you can get to show him off at the weekend :)