Monday, 4 March 2013

Skin work Part 1

The week of is going well.  I had James over on Sunday, and we got quite a bit done, he did some painting and we worked on the skins, mainly the rear door and the 2 front doors.  The rear door went in well, I did polish the silver panel and I'm glad I did, I may need to redo the final position of the trims to get it spot on, but once its all attached I think it will do well. :)  I still need to replace a few nuts on the door, there are a few that aren't nylocks.  The outers are just clipped on for this shot.

After the rear door, we cleaned up the 2 long doors and attached the trims.  The VHB made that job really easy.  :)  They are really quite firm.  I did have to redo one once the skins were on, but they came apart with a little coaxing, but enough of a struggle to reassure me.  Also repaired the problem CBI hinge and cured the wobble, also added something cool, but will wait for the finished shots for that. :P

Today i mounted the arm carrier using Superglue powerflex gel and 8 small countersunk screws, it should stay put :)  The arms need their final adjustments and tightening, so not perfect, but looking great.  I couldn't resist, i added the top layer for the carrier too. :)

Then i moved onto the skinsnaps, i decided to mount these so the the mount holes were aimed a little away from the centre, so as to guarantee the nuts didn't hit the frame.  The hardware that came with them is great, im hoping they dont work lose.  I might take the skins off, mare the positions, and then remove and super glue the snaps in place, then bolt over the top, might help reduce the stress on the alu around the bolts.  I added one side and released the clamps at the top and it just stayed put.  So I did the other side and released all the straps and it is rock solid. and fits like a glove.   Lets hope it pops off without too much of a struggle.

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