Tuesday, 6 November 2012

2-3-2 Shoulder Studs

James has been on the case.  I had used 10mm alu tube with a 7mm id tapped to fit an M8 bolt as the studs in the shoulders, but the thread wasn't great so kept coming lose, also finding the holes on the body was tricky.  So the 4 studs ideally needed upgrading and luckily i know a man who can. :)  I also wanted to add a threaded hole on the other end, i may be able to add a bolt through from the inside to lock it all tight for events, this and some straps in the legs will really help to stop the rods bending and allowing the foot angle to change on direction change.  I think the current setup may not suit 2 leg driving. :)

This is how they started:

This is the sketch:

And this is the first one: :)

Awesome stuff dude,  Gonna be really sweet.  And the edges of my bit, it looks like a new piece! :)


  1. Nice bit of machining there James.

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