Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Everything works together, even 2-3-2

A good long weekend of building.  I went over the whole droid and tightened every nut and bolt, and basically rebuilt him. The bricks on the test run had really had an effect.

I wired the Sabretooth and Master Arduino flat instead of vertical, and added the slip ring connector to the back of the rig runner using a velcro pad.  So its all in and looking like its going to work. :)

Then i added the 5V 12AH USB Powerbank to power the master, MP3 and 2-3-2 Arduinos.  It worked great.  So i added the other one in the dome to power the Teeces and the Dome servo Arduino (but not the servos).  I hope this will add to the life of my droid significantly, its like adding 10Ah at 12v and should run that stuff for days at a time.  9 hours today in the dome running both and it still says full power. :)  All that drive testing and 2-3-2 testing today all weekend and the main battery still says its full too!  :D  I might get a decent amount of driving in assuming it doesn't fail.

I then got the 2-3-2 working, i spent several hours debugging the set-up only to find the problem was a squashed wire caught under a washer.  With that done i had basically played with and re wired everything, so it over ran and blew fuses on the actuators first try, then i reversed the polarity in the code and ran it again, and i had the left/right the wrong way round on the pots, so replaced the fuses again, sorted the code and it ran like a dream.  I then removed and straightened the brackets and popped them back. :)

The rods studs make a big difference, and with a few tweaks it will be great.  But it works fine for now, i will tweak and redo the actuator mounts after the NEC.  Thanks again for those James, really cool. :)

So for the NEC we have the pad running this lot, i just need to learn the commands now. :)
1. Teeces triggered
2. Dome servos, 9 doors, 3 HPs
3. MP3 Control
4. Dome Drive
5. Dome Drive Position Controller
6. Feet Drive
7. 2-3-2 plus wobble and walk (no feet drive motion)

I have a plan to try and get the pad looked at soon, but i taped it up for now, it looks so much better, but still crashes, but nothing happened when the pad crashed, so that is good news.  I think the next big priority is to adjust the drive settings when in 2 leg mode, he drives fine in 2 leg but i need to lower the acceleration and the top speed and help stop the desire to flip.  But he seems relatively stable, he span on the spot ok and driving very gently it seemed fine.

So my droid was sorted pretty early today, but James was here so we had a look at getting his droid working via a pad, I will let him fill you in.  But the pad control looks good, will be interesting to see if he has any crashes without the screen in the code.

Will get some videos from the NEC on the weekend.  But looks like he will have to travel in bits, no way i can lift it in and out of the car in 1 piece.

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  1. Great to see that all the hard work put in to restore the homestead is still going strong!! And that visitors have respected it :)
    Lol, the will of the Force is strong in this place! :)