Saturday, 24 November 2012

First Day of Driving

What an amazing day.  At MEM in the NEC all day.  8 hours of driving, audio, dome, dome servos, lights and LOTs of showing off, and the batteries are still about half charge, so it looks like when the novelty wears off a little the power will be enough for a full event.

A few tweaks needed.  First off the Lipo setting on the Sabertooth caused it to error a lot, but flipping that dip switch solved the drive issues.  Secondly, the 2-3-2 isnt happy, not sure if the position of the legs is exactly right and think that the leg travel might be a few mm too short, but he was looking like he wanted to face plant. :( Might have a go at tweaking that tomorrow and try again. The lights stopped working on a couple of occasions, but only after an hour or more of playing, so not too worried there. But i was thrilled he lasted the day, and i am eager to return for more tomorrow.

I loved the reaction of the kids, one was waving at R2, so R2 waved back, the kid grabbed his mum's phone, and instead of taking a pic of R2, he ran over to R2, loaded up a pic and showed it to R2, then ran back and grabbed his toy to show him too.  He was chatting away to him quite happily.  So cute. :)

But R2 got a great reaction, i am one proud builder tonight. :)  Fingers crossed for a trouble free day tomorrow. :)

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