Wednesday, 8 October 2014

He Lives, again. :)

I posted this elsewhere too, so please forgive the copy/paste. :D

The refurbishment/upgrades spell is done for the moment. It has been fun, lots learnt, lots of tinkering and touches I’m pleased with. Took a while to come good, but really feeling like a complete droid now.

I have finally done/added/tested and tweaked the following.

1. Magic Panel, used on lots of calls.
2. Dome Bump Controller – Running rear PSI. This is not currently connected for commands from buttons, but is on I2C for PSI control.
3. Replaced dome servo Mega Arduino, with a Nano and shield
4. New Teeces code that varies the effect
5. Relays for Utility arms, Door Servos, Feet and Dome drive
6. Current and Voltage metres for Body and Dome 5v batteries
7. USB breakout port for Body Arduino programming and rewiring
8. USB charge port connected up and able to charge PS3 pads
9. Dome power switch
10. Connected the 5 body door servos and redid Utility arm setup.
11. Moved volume knob to the front Octo Port
12. Reconditioned and checked over the 2-3-2 system (still not 100% happy, but working OK)
13. Replaced the missing Battery Boxes, Hoses strips and KHFs
14. Removed and replaced all dome doors
15. Fixed all loose door trims and a general service

Just need the Battery Harnesses and he is pretty much done externally and doors etc. Still got the gadgets to go. 

Here is a video of my progress, showing the new bits and them working with the combo scripts. I do love that magic panel, such a cool little thing, shame it’s not that clear in the vid.

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  1. Brad, FYI - you've copy and paste prob's - txt background.