Monday, 6 October 2014

Tweaks and Teeces Redo

I got the skins back on after the strip and was pleased to find the Servo positions were still fine. :)  So one less job to do. :D

The Meter looks great and the USB programming port still works fine.

So all back together, busy tweaking timings and uploading code while testing, and I spotted a few key things.

1.  The dome gear change has caused all sorts of issues with the dome pot code.

2.  The relay for the dome didn't have any effect.  Not good.

3.  The relays for the feet draw approx 0.3A for the pair, and only about 0.06A for the dome relay. I am glad I went to so much effort on the 2-3-2 relays to get them off in 3 leg mode. :D

4.  I seem to be having a few random 12v battery connection issues, the T-Bar wont connect perfectly every time.  I will send this back with the battery when it gets serviced.  Once properly connected it seems fine.

Starting with the dome pot.  It now needs more speed to turn at all, so it isn't as accurate due to having to decrease the sensitivity and adjust the speeds and distances at which it changes speed.  I will see if it runs in, but currently I think it very likely I will go back to the A&A plastic gear eventually.  But I tweaked the code to compensate and it seems OK, but not quite as spot on as before.

Then the dome drive relay. :(  Note to self:  If you tie the GND of all sorts, don't try and add a switch on a GND line!  Syren 10 was in an nasty spot under the 2-3-2, so I tried to cheat and cut the GND with a relay.  That doesn't work due to the signal GND.  Muppet.  Don't cheat, do it right.  So I rewired the dome drive and the relay, it is a horrible fix, I will most likely look at this again when I redo the 2-3-2 wiring and code.  I simply ran an extension of one motor leads to the relay and then back to the syren, ugly, but it works.

Then I added the timeout in the code for the feet relays, when on, 60s after any dome or drive stick move, or any script call sent, they now turn off. :D  That should add a few hours runtime on the 5v. :D

All tested and working fine, I wont say I'm 100% happy yet, it could do with more fiddling, but 'good enough for this job' as they say.

While I was thinking of code, I realized I had uploaded a Teeces version I had only bench tested. :D  It varies the speed and number of LEDs so it looks more like a true processor or memory state, I love it, just makes it that little bit more organic.  Also the PSIs only sweep, but from either direction.  Just a little cleaner.  Here is a vid.  I hate trying to film LEDs, this is the best I could do, sweep is much better in person, but you will get the idea. :D

With regard to physical electronics, it is just the feet left to test.  :D  And id love to add those new scripts and sounds.  9 days to go, 2 being weekend days.  Must get at least 2 evenings driving in before letting him lose too.  It can be done, but I'm starting to run out of momentum now.  I'm sure I will still end up working on him till late the night before!  But feet next, after one last reassembly and test of the body.

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