Sunday, 12 October 2014

Upgrading to 2.1 from 2.0

Upgrading from 2.0 to 2.1 should be easy, and is highly recommended.  Just replace all the mp3 files (overwrite them to make sure) and upload all the new sketches for the units you have.  Obviously swapping for your servo spots, speeds etc.

Download was updated today, it is syncing now, so check that the Master in the download is 2.1 version 4 not 3.  But I may update this week if i make any more changes.  Im playing with him till Thursday, so maybe wise to wait till then for the latest.  Link in the blog page, top right.

I have added a few things worth noting:
1.  60s after last pad interaction (stick move or script call) the feet relays turn off. Start to turn back on.
2.  Circle is now only the short scream not a random group, it also turns off LDP and Coin slot LEDs.
3.  11 More random sounds, plus the Leia snip repeated 4 time so it is more likley to be run.
4.  Music Album has been replaced.
5.  New dances and Dance bases added, and new elements added to old sketches.
6.  Fixed bugs with both dome pot and other things.
7.  Magic panel and DBC code in and tested for triggering via I2C.  DBC button triggering to follow.
8.  New Teeces sketch, this varies the timing and number of leds used.

Door relay wiring should be the same as the doc, if not swap the output of the relay, i got a bit lost on this one, unsure what was me and what was right.

Dome pot was changed to better cope with a stiffer drive.  If this causes issues i will rewrite it to make changing those values easier.

Any problems let me know. :D

PLEASE NOTE:  If using 2.0 Do NOT trigger the Luke message while driving.  It hasn't happened to me or James in over a year, but better to know about it.  The wrong delay type is used and so it may just continue to drive off for 20s.  This is fixed in 2.1.  Sorry.

I will redo the doc after FACTs.

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